IRCO bridges the gap between Portland’s newest arrivals and its established communities, fostering enhanced understanding and communication

IRCO strives in its programming, outreach and education to foster deep understanding, compassion and communication between Portland’s established communities and its newest arrivals. IRCO prides itself on empowering, engaging and educating these communities about each other.


IRCO empowers clients through self-sufficiency and advocacy

IRCO holistically supports clients to become self-sufficient members of the Portland community by offering extensive employment services and supplemental support as well as the opportunity for clients to advocate for what their communities greatest needs and priorities are.


IRCO Engages the Mainstream Portland community by offering volunteer, internship and workshop opportunities

By providing a comprehensive volunteer program IRCO actively engages Portland’s Mainstream community as well as previous immigrant and refugee clients with IRCO’s current clientele.


IRCO educates its newest arrivals and Mainstream Portlanders through workshops, tours and community involvement programs

IRCO offers a workshop series called Faces of IRCO that highlights a specific country of origin of one of our client bases for anyone who wants to participate. In addition, each Friday sees Portland’s newest arrivals in workshops at IRCO learning about American culture, social norms and laws.