IRCO educates its newest arrivals and Mainstream Portlanders through workshops, tours and community involvement programs

IRCO offers a workshop series called Faces of IRCO that highlights a specific country of origin of one of our client bases for anyone who wants to participate. In addition, each Friday sees Portland’s newest arrivals in workshops at IRCO learning about American culture, social norms and laws.


IRCO Facts & Statistics Tell the Story

99% of refugees placed though IRCO in jobs retain their jobs 90 days later.

For every dollar given, 89 cents goes directly to providing critical services; only 11 cents are used for administration and fund raising at IRCO

IRCO places over 800 individuals in jobs each year.

Of 1,000+ students enrolled in IRCO's SUN school academic support programs, 98% achieved improved academic performance within the academic year


Educating through Faces of IRCO Workshops

IRCO’s Faces workshops are sponsored by IRCO staff and volunteers. Each quarter, the workshop explores a different population that IRCO serves in order to share and discuss that country’s history, culture and traditions, all while sampling some of that country’s foods.

Faces of IRCO: Bhutan

Pictures from Faces of IRCO: Somalia | November 21, 2013


Educating through tours

IRCO provides tours to volunteers, partnering institutions and potential donors interested in learning more about the organization. Visitors tour IRCO’s facilities and programs and have the opportunity to learn more about the organization’s programs and services.


Educating through IRCO being a recognized as a national model

IRCO has received national recognition for its commitment to community engagement. Organizations throughout the country use IRCO as a model of empowering clients and engaging the broader community to ensure long term collaborative growth and development.