IRCO empowers clients through self-sufficiency and advocacy

IRCO holistically supports clients to become self-sufficient members of the Portland community by offering extensive employment services and supplemental support as well as the opportunity for clients to advocate for what their communities greatest needs and priorities are.


Empowerment through self-sufficiency

In collaboration with IRCO’s Employment Services, clients hone their job seeking and interviewing skills with the end goal of securing employment. With the Job Coach as their advocate and mentor, clients strengthen their skills through IRCO sponsored workshops, resume building opportunities and mock interview sessions as well as discussing work culture and etiquette in the United States. Clients are also encouraged to survey the Portland Metro Area and seek employment opportunities on their own, empowering them to strengthen their English and explore the city.


Empowerment through Community Needs Assessment Conferences

Every few years IRCO hosts a Community Needs Assessment and Development Conference for all of communities IRCO serves. Our last CNAD conference was a huge success with 230 community members meeting with several community leaders in the civil and nonprofit sectors to discuss needs faced by the Immigrant and Refugee communities of Portland. Poignant topics were raised that led to productive discussions. Each group then had a few chances to work separately with their individual communities to define the greatest needs and priorities within their communities. This data was collated and disseminated to the people and agencies that serve these communities and helped shape the direction of IRCO programming. Our communities are empowered by these conferences to share what is most vital to their specific community and to be heard.


Empowerment through Employing Clients

The breadth and depth of knowledge that clients bring to and share with IRCO provide the organization with unique opportunities for reflection and growth. IRCO encourages clients to apply for positions with the organization, striving both to empower them through opportunities to contribute to IRCO’s long term development while ensuring that the organization also benefits from clients knowledge and strengths.