IRCO Engages the Mainstream Portland community by offering volunteer, internship and workshop opportunities

By providing a comprehensive volunteer program IRCO actively engages Portland’s Mainstream community as well as previous immigrant and refugee clients with IRCO’s current clientele.


Engagement through volunteering

IRCO’s volunteer program provides clients and the community at large with opportunities to engage with the organization. Upon completing a volunteer application and attending an orientation, applicants may choose to work with any number of programs. Whether their interest lies in working with youth, elders, folks with disabilities, English learners, new parents, or any number of the other populations that IRCO works with, there are volunteer opportunities for everyone who is interested.


Engagement through internships and professional collaborations

IRCO provides internship opportunities through various programs. Students interested in working with children and English language learners can give back to the community while meeting requirements for their degrees. Additionally, IRCO strives to connect clients with services through collaborates with local professionals. Through outreach to businesses, IRCO brings employers and clients together, providing for opportunities of symbiotic growth and development. IRCO also teams up with healthcare providers to bring much needed medical services, such as vision screenings and dental examinations to clients who cannot afford to pay the increasingly high costs.