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If you’re a great collaborator, enjoy a high-energy environment, and believe in your ability to change the world one person and family at a time, we invite you to browse our current job openings. To apply for a position complete an IRCO application and submitting it with a resume and cover letter. In some positions you may need to follow alternative submitting instructions which would be listed in the job posting. Due to the high volume of applicants and varying timelines for filling positions, we will not be able to return calls inquiring about the status of an application. IRCO is an equal opportunity employer – we don’t discriminate based on race, national origin, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other characteristics protected by law. We will make reasonable accommodations to meet our obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and state disability laws. Please contact the email listed to request an accommodation. Job openings that are no longer posted on this page are no longer accepting applications.

To apply, submit materials via email, mail, or deliver in person to:

Immigrant and Refugee Community Organization (IRCO)
Attn: Mark Kajitani, Human Resources
10301 NE Glisan St
Portland, OR 97220

IRCO Job Positions Available:

Extended Day Activities Coordinator (Vestal School)

The Extended Day Activities Coordinator (EDAC) works under the supervision of the SUN Site Manager. Primary responsibilities include the coordination of extended day activities and evening family events. Occasional student/family activities may occur during the weekends. The EDAC oversees and coordinates efforts to involve and engage parents at Vestal School, which includes working with the school to outreach to parents and to provide opportunities for parents to be engaged in the school.  Posted 9/2/15

Full Description (PDF)    

Extended Day Activities Coordinator (Parkrose Middle School)

The Extended Day Coordinator (EDC) works under the supervision of the SUN Site Manager. Primary responsibilities include the implementation of extended day activities and evening family events. Occasional student/family activities may occur during the weekends. The EDC oversees and coordinates efforts to involve and engage parents at Parkrose Middle School (PMS).  Posted 9/1/15

Full Description (PDF)   

Efforts to Outcomes Database Administrator

The Efforts to outcomes (ETO) Database Administrator will help IRCO to launch Social Solutions ETO online database and provides support to managers, coordinators and staff on ETO’s SQL based database.

Full Description (PDF)

SUN Site Manager (Sacramento Elementary School)

This a new SUN School, and IRCO will be developing and implementing a comprehensive program to assist students and families. In concert with all of what IRCO has to offer, our SUN Program will operate as an interconnected web of support. By offering numerous services to students, parents and the community, our site manager will lead our efforts to improve student success through expanded academic support, exciting and inspirational enrichment activities, and health and social service resources for them, their families, and community neighbors.

Full Description (PDF)     

Slavic Community Organizer

This position is responsible for community outreach, organizing and recruitment for leadership development projects. In addition, the position is to help the community lead, improve their advocacy, effect policy change and increase civic engagement of the immigrant and refugee community members.

Full Description (PDF)

Upward Bound Math Tutor

Apply now!   If you are experienced at or want to gain experience tutoring youth, are skilled at high school level math as well as other subjects, and are friendly and personable.

Full Description (PDF) 

Academic & Family Advocate (RISE)

As the lead tutor, this position will be responsible for identifying student tutoring needs, matching students with tutors or other resources, maintaining discipline, and tutoring students when necessary. 

Full Description (PDF)            

Asian and Pacific Islander Youth and Family Advocate

This position is responsible for providing academic support to 30 school-aged youth and after-school academic group activities up to 4 times per week.

Full Description (PDF)       

Slavic Youth and Family Advocate 

The Youth and Family advocate will work with IRCO's youth staff, SUN site coordinators, and staff from various schools to engage students and their families in their school environments in a positive and culturally appropriate way. 

Full Description (PDF)        

AmeriCorps Academic & Community Engagement Coordinator (2 positions available) 

The Coordinator will teach academically-focused extended day classes and carry out academic mentoring during the school day; implement family events, refer students and families to resources and maintain partner relationships; help to implement school safety plans; recruit, train and supervise volunteers. 

Full Description (PDF)

DHS Domestic Violence Specialist  

To all the dedicated, hard-working, and passionate people who are looking for a career that promotes creativity, independence and makes a positive impact on immigrant and refugee families.  IRCO is an organization that values its employees and holds them to the highest standards and highest regard.

Full Description (PDF)            

Case Manager 2  

This position will provide case management to DHS Child Welfare families, and contact DHS CW (Child Welfare) Case Workers for case coordination and support as needed.

Full Description (PDF)       

Interpreter Contractors

We are currently seeking independent contractors for interpretation services (consecutive/simultaneous/sighting) in the Portland, Oregon area. Independent contractors work independently and are offered a variable amount of interpretation assignments depending on IRCO’s demand. In performing the services, the person/company would be engaged as an independent contractor, and it is understood and agreed that the contractor, not IRCO, will be responsible for any federal and state taxes applicable to this payment. It is further understood that, as an independent contractor, he/she will not be eligible for the benefits of Federal Social Security or Workers Compensation. The independent contractor named above is not employed by IRCO.

Full Description (PDF)