IRCO’s Africa House Supports Portland’s Growing African Refugee and Immigrant Populations

IRCO’s Africa House is a multilingual community-based center providing access to multiple services through a one-stop family-focused service center model and resiliency philosophy for African refugees and immigrants of all ages and their families.


Africa House Programs

  • African Immigrant Mentoring (AIM) Project
  • Individual Development Account programs (IDA)
  • Microenterprise Development Services program (MDS)
  • African Parent and Child Development Services
  • Leading Education and Acculturation for Refugee New Comers (LEARN)
  • Oregon Refugee Childcare Microenterprise program (ORCM)
  • African Social and Support Services for Educational Success
  • Industry-Specific Vocational Training (ISVT)
  • Oregon Community Foundation Capacity Building
  • Meyer Memorial Trust African Leadership Development
  • United Way Financial Health for Newcommers (FHN)
  • Africa House Antipoverty Programs
  • African Immigrant Mentoring (AIM) Project

History of Africa House

Started in 2006 with a demonstration grant from the Office of Refugee Resettlement to provide community building and cultural adjustment services for newly arrived African refugees, IRCO Africa House has grown to become is a community-based organization driven by African leaders to provide services needed by the growing and diverse group of Africans living in the Portland metropolitan area. The Tri-County Area’s African population has grown by over 110% in the past decade. Over 20,000 Africans now make the Portland area their home.
To meet their needs, IRCO’s Africa House is built on a “one-stop” service delivery model. IRCO’s Africa House provides culturally specific services to African refugee families; these services emphasize family unity, strength, and community cohesiveness.IRCO’s Africa House provides a team of trained multilingual professionals & volunteers who are compassionate in their listening and jointly work to help African refugees & families achieve a successful, self-sufficient lifestyle and strong community unity.
Our goal is to raise the visibility of the African Community, highlighting community achievements and helping the community and families achieve self-sufficiency and self-determination. How Africa House can help you:
     • Access Services
     • Connect to Resources
     • Become Self-Sufficient
     • Participate in Cultural Activities
     • Strengthen Family Unity
     • Interpreter Assistance
     • Link to Community Development Workshops