Who We Serve

From around the world each year, nearly 1,000 refugees arrive in Oregon. Forced to leave their home countries for fear of persecution due to race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership in a particular social group, they come to Portland to begin new lives. IRCO serves all of them who are employable. IRCO’s purpose is to help them become self-sufficient and contributing citizens in the Portland community.

IRCO is a community-based, nonprofit organization that, since 1976, has empowered over 200,000 refugees and legal immigrants to successfully integrate into American society.


IRCO focuses on removing barriers to self-sufficiency. Issues within the family can affect stability and self-sufficiency, so IRCO provides culturally specific services to parents, children, students and seniors in addition to its core services to support employment.


Facts & Stats For Who We Serve

56% of the new refugees we work with become self-sufficient in 8 months.

99% of refugees placed in jobs retain their jobs 90 days later.

IRCO places over 800 individuals in jobs each year.

For every dollar given, 90 cents goes directly to providing critical services; only 10 cents are used for administration and fund raising.

Of 1,000+ students enrolled in our SUN school academic support programs, 98% achieved improved academic performance.

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